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Senior Fitness Testing and Training

Although physical fitness has traditionally been associated with the
young through the middle-aged, it is most critical for those in their
senior years. Older adults require adequate strength, flexibility, and
endurance to accomplish even ordinary, everyday tasks.

Up until now, most physical fitness tests have been geared to
younger audiences. The Senior Fitness Test is an answer to the need
for a simple, easy-to-use battery of test items that assess the
functional fitness of older adults. The test is safe and enjoyable for
older adults, it meets scientific standards for reliability and validity,
and it has accompanying performance norms based on actual
performance scores of over 7,000 men and women between the
ages of 60 and 94.

The Senior Fitness Test helps professionals not only motivate older
adults, but also assess the major physiological components of
functional capacity so that emerging weaknesses can be detected
and treated before causing serious functional limitations.

The Senior Fitness Test can be useful in:

  • Evaluating individuals and identify risk factors
  • Planning fitness programs
  • Education and goal setting
  • Evaluating effectiveness of ongoing programs
  • Motivating clients
  • Improving public relations

The test can be administered to groups in appropriate settings or
individuals in their home.

Contact us to learn more about how the Senior Fitness Test can be
useful to your situation.

Mobile Physical therapy can develop exercise and fitness
programs based on the results of the Senior Fitness Test.

Maintaining muscular
strength should be the
number one fitness
concern of older adults.  
A decline in muscular
strength, which average
about 15-20% per
decade after age 50, can
have devastating effects
on people's ability to do
everyday activities.  
Going up and down
stairs and carrying
groceries are just two of
the many areas
decreasing strength can