Mobile Physical Therapy
1310 Papin St.
Suite 109
St. Louis MO 63103
Phone:  (314) 558-1385
Fax:  (314) 558-2600
Mobile Physical Therapy was founded by Brad Abrams PT, DPT to
therapy but unable to attend out patient clinics, especially older
adults.  Unfortunately these clients would  go without needed
therapy services.

Mobile Physical Therapy is different than Home Health company
physical therapy.  We operate as an out patient service which sees
clients in their homes.  Because of our out patient status, clients do
not have to meet homebound or other criteria.  Generally all that is
needed for our services is a referral from your physician or nurse

Clients can receive needed rehabilitation in the privacy and
convenience of their home.  Our in-home treatments are similar to
most out patient treatments, and can be tailored to the clients usual
living environment.