"Mom had to quit going to
therapy because she was
having too much pain
getting up and down the
steps and getting in and
out of the car.  Having the
therapist come here really
helped Mom.  Now she can
get up and down the steps
on her own."
--Chris D.
"Therapy helped me a
lot!  I can get around a
lot better."
"I had other therapists
come here and work on
me, but they didn't work
me as hard...sounds like
bad I know... but I got a
lot better."
--G. H.
Evaluations and treatments are provided by an experienced licensed physical therapist (not ancillary
staff).  We regularly attend continuing education training and are dedicated to providing effective

Mobile Physical Therapy regularly documents progress using referenced based questionnaires and
outcome measures.  Goals are formulated using these results with collaboration from the client,
physician, family, etc.  

Pain is not an inherent part of physical therapy treatments.  Treatments are tailored to client
tolerance, guided by both compassion and effectiveness.  

No two clients are exactly alike or have the same needs.  Mobile Physical Therapy creates treatment
programs that are individualized to the client and their particular needs and goals.
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Mobile Physical Therapy provides therapy services to older and geriatric adults in their
homes, senior apartments, assisted living centers, adult day programs, and nursing

Clients receive quality ONE -ON-ONE treatments with a LICENSED PHYSICAL
THERAPIST (no physical therapist assistants) with advanced training in treating older
and geriatric adults.  Treatments are performed in the comfort, privacy,and safety of
the home.